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Robotics team update

Our team has gone to 2 competitions so far, and we have placed decently well in
each. We have built 1 prototype bot, and 1 more well-thought out bot using a
CAD. We have not qualified to any big events, so we are aiming to qualify to
ultimately win worlds.

We have 4 more competitions coming up, and we are rebuilding our bot to
address the strengths and weaknesses. This is also built by using a CAD that we
have designed. Overall, we will be trying to qualify for the world championship,
and currently we are building a new robot.


Robotics team update

We have rebuilt our robot for a specific aspect of the game, called skills. Skills is
part of the vex competition, in addition to the normal alliance matches, where a
team is solo and scores as many points as they can. However, we have still
dominated in the normal matches at competitions.
We have gotten two tournament champion awards, two skills champion awards,
and many more. We have qualified for states from many awards, and worlds by
skills qualification overflow. We are still deciding on if we want to rebuild the robot
for worlds, and will make the decision after states.

Won championship in latest region tournament (2/24/24)

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