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REV Robotics Team “ 95111V, Garage Production” 2022-2023 Season Summary

The 2022-2023 robotics year has been a great first year experience. We spent hours

designing and building components to use on the final robot. Every rookie vex robotics

member was able to contribute and work towards a working machine. From

brainstorming ideas to designing and building our robot, competing in intense

tournaments, and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie, our season has been

nothing short of extraordinary.

We have five team members. Our team is full of talented and passionate students from

Valley Christian High School. Our experienced members provide valuable insight to the

learning ones. We have created a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures

creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork.

This season, our team faced an exhilarating challenge presented by the competition

theme: Spin-up. Through extensive brainstorming and prototyping, we developed

numerous robot designs that showcased our technical expertise and problem-solving

skills. We routinely work together on Sunday afternoons, and most of Friday after

school. We not only built up the robot, but also worked on programming the

autonomous code to be consistent in every aspect.

We participated in various tournaments and competitions throughout the season,

testing our skills against other opponents. It was vital to scout teams and make friends

in order to choose and partner with a strong alliance. The season was filled with intense

matches, where we demonstrated our robot's capabilities and strategic maneuvers.

Through resilience, adaptability, and quick thinking, we achieved notable victories and

learned valuable lessons from our defeats. We won two championships in regional

tournaments, and we were qualified to advance the state championship tournament.

Although we didn’t make the World championship, we definitely set this as our next

season’s target.

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of our REV Robotics Team this season, we

express our deepest gratitude to our mentors, parents, and Creative Learning

Foundation who played an integral role in our success. Their guidance, encouragement,

and belief in our abilities have been instrumental in our growth as individuals and as a

team. We eagerly look forward to future challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,

ready to embark on new adventures in the realm of robotics.

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