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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to the new website of the Creative Learning Foundation. We will be posting periodic updates on activities and events held by the CLF here on this blog. More content will be following soon!


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后疫情时代,每个人的生活都不简单,压力大,工作繁忙,身心健康受到挑战。 Creative Learning Foundation特邀UCSF精神科荣誉退休教授杨锦波老师开办为期八周的正念冥想课程,自4月30日起,每周日一个小时,引领大家从认识正念开始到察觉自身与世界,跟随老师修行放松专注的方法,提升自我意识和情绪管理能力,缓解压力,改善睡眠,抵抗焦虑,帮助大家不受干扰地活在当下,从而获得平静专注和

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